August is a time commonly associated with the last leg of summer vacation, but August is also a crucial time to remember your eye health­, and specifically your children’s eye health. August is officially known as “Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month”, so this month it’s all about the kids!

Why August? This month is typically associated with the close out of summer, meaning that kids are getting ready to go back to school. Back to school means shopping for school supplies, clothes and new backpacks, but it should also be a time for a comprehensive eye exam. It’s an important time for your children to get an exam because with the school year quickly approaching, it is crucial to ensure their eye health as they begin to hit the books once again!

Your child could very well need an eye exam so they have the proper glasses and/or contact lens prescription for the upcoming school year. Horizon Eye Care offers attentive care with one of our many specialized eye care physicians.

As well as general eye exams, August is a month for raising awareness about the many eye injuries that occur every year that cause vision loss in children. It is important that children regularly see an eye doctor so any bumps and scrapes they get from playing outdoors all summer are checked by a physician. Here is a staggering statistic…42,000 eye injuries occur every year from sports-related activities! This means that although it is generally positive that your children are playing outside all summer, they are more susceptible to eye-related injuries.

August is month for fun, playing outside, and enjoying the last month of summer. But, it is also a month for awareness of children’s eye health and safety for the upcoming school year, so make sure you schedule your child’s back-to-school eye exam to ensure a healthy school year!

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