As a way to engage more with our patients through social media, we decided to enact a one-month long promotional giveaway called the “July Selfie Giveaway.” This contest involves taking a selfie of oneself wearing a pair of glasses or sunglasses, preferably a frame purchased from any one of our Optical shops although it doesn’t have to be, uploading and sharing it on Facebook and/or Instagram with the hashtag #HorizonEyeCareNJ and tagging @Horizon Eye Care on Facebook or @HorizonEyeNJ on Instagram, and getting as many likes as one can possibly get over the course of July.  The three contestants who have the most likes will win $100, $75, and $50 gift cards, respectively, to our Optical shops so they can purchase another stylish, trendy, or classic frame of their choice!

By running this promotion, not only are we trying to increase patient participation, but we are also using this as a way to be more proactive as a medical practice.  With the rise of social media and technology, we deem it as fit to immerse ourselves in social media and create opportunities for our patients to show our appreciation for them in the simplest ways.

If you have not participated in this giveaway yet, now is your chance! With about three weeks left in July, you can still outperform your competitors and wrack up the likes so you can win! If you have enough pairs of sunglasses or eye glasses and still win this contest, you can even give this gift card away to a family member, friend, or colleague of yours, or anyone of your choosing.

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